Making a difference in Tuscaloosa

“Faith in action is love - love in action is service” - Mother Teresa

When we love others, we find purpose and meaning in life. The best way to love someone, is to serve them. Jesus was always reaching out and serving. We follow Him by spreading that same love to others today!  Can you image the difference we could make, if we were all willing to see the needs around us, feel compassion for our neighbor, and act in service? That’s the life that you and I were made for! 

Sometimes the only obstacle is knowing where to start. Where do we go, and what can we do? ServeTuscaloosa wants to help you, help others. Our team is out in the community every week meeting our neighbors, and the leaders and organizations that are helping them. They are helping the homeless, feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, and teaching our children - and they are doing a great job! All they need is a little help and support! ServeTuscaloosa knows that you want to be involved, so we work with these organizations to determine what they need. Then, we bring those opportunities to you each month - check out the details for our current event below.

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Grace Drop is a surprise blessing to someone in need, or at a time of crisis. If you know of someone who you would like to surprise with a blessing, please fill out the application below and let us know.

Grace Drop Application

Current Opportunity

Serve Tuscaloosa Love Tree

Our monthly opportunity for November is a Love Tree that supports local children from Schools that we partner with in our community.   We encourage you to take a heart from the tree in the Main Lobby, follow the instructions, and bring back gifts that will provide Christmas to a local child. Below are the instructions...

  1. Pick a heart from the tree and look at the back.
  2. Write your name on the list beside the number of your heart.
  3. Please purchase at least one shirt, one pair of pants, and one toy.
  4. Place all unwrapped gifts in one large gift bag.
  5. Tape your heart to the front of the bag.
  6. Bring the bag of gifts back to the church and place under the tree no later than Sunday, December 9th.