God is using FWC in amazing ways to partner with Wesleyan Missionaries in other parts of the world. These missionaries work to tell others about Christ, train pastors and church leaders, build new churches, and relationships. We would love your support in praying, giving, and going, so that we might continue Reaching Out to the world!

PLEASE PRAY for Wesleyan Missionaries we support through Global Partners.

PLEASE GIVE generously to Faith Promise so that we might meet our commitment.

PLEASE GO on a short-term mission trip and see first-hand the amazing miracles

that are taking place in other countries.

The missionaries we support are affiliated with Global Partners, through The Wesleyan Church. Through Faith Promise giving, and other contributions we are able to support & send teams to serve these missionaries in Latin America...

  • Jarvis and Sue Ferguson - Peru
  • Tom and Lydia Hines - Ecuador
  • Jim and Lori Rice - Ecuador
  • Tom and Grace Ensz - Brazil
  • Carlos and Delmi Rivas - Guatemala
  • Luis and Dinora Martinez - Guatemala
  • World Hope International

For more information on upcoming trips and missions opportunities contact


MIssionary Partners

Find out more about the missionary partners we support in the videos below.