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God is using FWC in amazing ways to partner with Wesleyan Missionaries in other parts of the world. These missionaries work to tell others about Christ, train pastors and church leaders, build new churches, and relationships. 

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Upcoming Trips

National Trip: *March 27-28, 2020

2 Day Mission Experience: Eutaw, AL

Global Trip: May 16-22, 2020

Filters of Hope: Ecuador Jungle Trip

Note: This trip is a special opportunity we wanted to share, facilitated by our ministry partner Filters of Hope. 

For more information you will need to contact Don Johnson at Filters of Hope -  

National Trip: *June 5-13, 2020

Panama City, FL

3 Options:

Quick Trip 1: *June 5-8

Quick Trip 2: *June 10-13

Full Trip: *June 5-13

Global Trip: *July 11-17, 2020

Filters of Hope: Havana, Cuba 

Global Trip: *November 7-14, 2020


*Dates subject to change


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Want to Know WHat it's Like?

Watch the video below to experience what it is like to take a service trip.


Through Faith Promise giving, and other contributions we are able to support & send teams to serve these missionaries in Latin America...

  • Jim and Lori Rice - Ecuador
  • Tom and Grace Ensz - Brazil
  • Luis and Dinora Martinez - Guatemala
  • World Hope International - Village Partnership

For more information on upcoming trips and missions opportunities contact

Missions Director, Reggie Eppes at