Frequently asked questions

  1. Will we still be a part of the Wesleyan Denomination?

Yes! Nothing will change in regards to our relationship with the Wesleyan Denomination. We will remain a fully active, committed, and supportive church within the South Coastal District of the Wesleyan Church. Our General and District Superintendents have been supportive in our discussions about this potential change and pleased with our commitment to reach our community with the hope of Jesus Christ.

  1. How do I tell people about the name change?

Share that we are the same great church that has had a great reputation for serving this community over the years but felt that we could more effectively communicate what we are about by making it a part of our name. Now, our name is our message.

  1. How do I tell people about my church?

Our name is our message. No matter what we face, we always have hope - One Hope. We have all put our trust in things that have let us down, except for one. Jesus is our One Hope for a better life, family, community, and world. We hope you will, “Discover One Hope for Yourself.”

  1. Will we change the church sign?

The primary structure of our church sign would remain the same, but there would be minor alterations to the colors and the addition of a new church name and/or logo.

  1. Will we have a new logo and website?

Yes, we would have a new logo that we felt effectively communicated the One Hope Church name and message. We would also choose a new website address that would be easy to share and reiterated the new name of the church.

  1. Do we have to vote on this decision? How do I vote?

Yes, the decision to change the name of the church requires an affirmative majority vote of the church membership. You can vote any time this week online, or in person at the church on Monday or Wednesday from 10 am - 2 pm. You can find all of the details in the “Vote on Name Change” section above.

  1. When will we know the final decision?

We will reveal the results of the vote and final decision on Sunday, May 3 during service as well as online.

  1. Will our preschool Academy change its name?

Our preschool Academy is just as excited about the potential name change as we are! They believe in, and are excited to share the message of One Hope for our children and for our families. They would be incorporating a new name and logo at the same time as the church.

  1. When will we officially “launch” with the new name?

Because we will be worshipping in the Student Center over the summer while renovating our sanctuary, we hope to align our launch of the new name along with all-new designs and signs on August 2, the day we plan to worship together in our completed sanctuary for the first time! What an exciting day that will be!