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Christmas Offering 2016

On Sunday, December 18th, our ENTIRE morning’s offering will be given to needs in our city! In these economic times, it is tempting to protect what we have but at First Wesleyan, we believe God has called us to give ourselves away. God blesses sacrificial generosity. This is true in our personal finances and in our church. We ask you, the people of First Wesleyan, to prayerfully consider people (or ministries) in the Greater Tuscaloosa area in need of a blessing.


  1. The request must be for someone else - not for one’s self.
  2. The request can be for a person or organization.
  3. You must fill out all parts of the form completely. 
  4. If you want to deliver a gift in person (if awarded) you need to make sure to indicate on the form, and be prepared to stop by the church office at noon on Monday, December 19th to pick up the check. All other checks will be mailed to the address provided on the form.

*All forms must be brought to an Info Center in the Main or East lobby, or to the church office by Wednesday, December 14th.


Planning your visit - times & location

Each Sunday - Community Groups at 9:00 AM, Worship at 10:10 AM

First Wesleyan Church is located just over the river from the University of Alabama campus on McFarland Blvd. Click on the map to interact and get directions.  To view an FWC campus map, click HERE.

Planning your visit - What to expect...

A welcome, relaxed atmosphere.

A fun, safe & exciting Children's Ministry

Authentic Worship, Biblical & inspiring teaching

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At First Wesleyan Church, Tuscaloosa, you'll find a welcoming atmosphere, authentic Worship, Biblical teaching, and dynamic Children's Ministry. Our mission as a church is to have a balanced pursuit of:

Reaching Up

We joyfully praise God with our lives and our lips. 

Reaching Out

We compassionately share God's love with our city and the world.

Reaching In

We intentionally grow in God's grace through fellowship and discipleship.

Upcoming events

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